White Flux and maKhotso Music Grant
in cooperation with Eed Be Eed as media partner

This is the first grant Presented by White Flux Productions and maKhotso in cooperation with Eed Be Eed to support artists. 
This grant is exclusive for musicians and bands based in Europe to support their recording of a song or a musical piece.
This grant is available to all musicians at any stage of their creative process, on one condition that recording is complete and the song or track is sent before the deadline 15.07.2019
Two musicians or bands will be given the amount of 500 Euros each.

Women, musicians coming from the Arab region and the African continent are encouraged to apply.
There are no academic requirements and any musician can apply for this scholarship.


Deadline for submission 15.04.2019


To apply for this grant, please fill out your contact info and you will receive the application form to fill in less than 24 hours

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