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White Flux Productions was founded in Damascus, Syria in 2015 by a group of young artists relying only on limited equipment. Soon after making their first short film "One-Day Calendar", the brothers Osama and Majd Hafiry, --just like many other Syrians-- left the country seeking better conditions for art production.
In late 2015 Berlin, Germany was chosen to be the new location.



White Flux productions is an independent art-making company aiming to connect artists from different backgrounds. That wants to support them in clarifying their goals to produce and overcome artistic and logistic obstacles. Having already created or produced numerous films and artworks, White Flux expands rapidly to become a more capable and unique for its concept of covering a wide range of cultures and art forms.



In Berlin, the company was able to take in many artists of different specializations in order to increase its ability and make the best productions through cooperation between its members or with other European artists.




Associate producer for "Brother" short fiction film 2019

Produced "Ghabash" short fiction film 2018

Produced "Sky Looking Roof" short fiction film 2018

Produced "The wedding" short fiction film 2016

Produced "Waveless" short fiction film 2016

Produced "Tell Him" Dance video 2016

Produced "Nebras" short documentary 2016

Produced "One day Calander" short fiction film 2015


Produced Hot Summer Night in a Forgotten City Theater Performance in Berlin 2019
Produced Fine Line Dance Performance in Berlin 2019

Co-Produced Opium Dance Performance in Berlin 2018

Co-Produced Hadra Hura Dance Performance in Berlin 2017

Art Projects:

Co-Produced Arabic Art Festival in Essen 2019

Co-Produced Human Beam Art Exhibition in Berlin 2018

Co-Produced Arabic ArtFestival in Berlin 2018

Co-Produced Fluechtig Art Exhibition in Berlin 2017

Web Series:
Co-Produced 20 Sumthing Web series in Berlin 2019


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