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اللَّوزة Allawza
English title: Amygdala
Short Film

Produced by

White Flux Productions

A phone call between two brothers who find themselves victims of circumstance as they try and maintain the close relationship that has kept them sane in dark times. While they may be far apart they know that the other is only a phone call away. Rafi is the older brother who has made the sacrifice to flee the war in his home, in search of a better life for himself and most importantly his family. Hardworking and goal-oriented he has made a life for himself in Germany in less than a year. Having successfully gone through the motions to get his family safely into Germany, he is only a few steps away from reuniting with them. Basel lives in the shadow of his older brother. Always wanting to prove himself in the eyes of his family; he decides to go to the family home which has been deserted for years. A newly declared safe-zone has made it accessible for the first time since they had to leave everything behind. What Basel finds is a perfectly encapsulated moment in time. The house remains completely untouched. He walks into his childhood room and can’t help but call his brother Rafi. On the other line Rafi is visibly shaken to find out that Basel has gone back to that area; safe-zone or not he does believe it is safe. The two brothers share a heartfelt series of conversations until their phone connection is interrupted. The struggle that they deal with everyday is that getting out of a war zone does not mean that you are no longer vulnerable to becoming a victim of it.

Writer and director: Osama Hafiry
Starring: Majd Hafiry & Jalal Albaroudi

Producer: Majd Hafiry

Co-producer: Logan Caster

Cinematographer: Arseny Preobrazhensky

Music: Burhan Alkhatib.

Allawza poster.jpg
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