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Flüchtig Art Exhibition

Flüchtig Exhibition

Video installations/ Photography/ Art Exhibition

Experience the emotional impact of our "Flüchtig" exhibition, showcasing an array of video installations, photography, and other powerful artworks. The theme of fleeing is explored through the perspectives of 14 participants, aged 18-26, who have personally experienced the challenges of fleeing.

Our participants worked tirelessly to express their feelings and ideas through various artistic mediums, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The resulting artworks will be presented at our 3-day art exhibition in Berlin, where visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse and deeply personal stories of our participants.

Through artistic expression, we hope to promote understanding and empathy for those who have experienced fleeing firsthand.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with the thought-provoking artworks of our talented participants.

At Glashaus in Arena Berlin

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