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Hot Summer Night in a Forgotten City
Theater Performance

A Production by

White Flux Productions 

In a hot summer night sits Samir, a citizen of a Submerged city, in his room looking deeply in the belongings of his soul, Flopped within his thought that drives him one step forward and three steps backward, finding himself handcuffed by memories and nostalgia and a few small dreams.

Samir the invisible citizen, the Don Quichotte of his time fighting the windmills, standing up against himself with the courage of a warrior, rebelling against the story writer who has made of the boredness and poorness and its inanimateness gray a poetic shape that doesn’t fit Samir’s ambition and dreams of a better life. finally, we will ask that, are we truly who held the bridle of our life, or are we the horse that pulls the wagon with a cover on the sides of its face, while led forward without any knowledge of where the road goes?!

Premiered in Carthage Theater Festival in Tunisia

Excellency and Creativity Award winner in Azzarqa Theater Festival in Jordan 

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