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Opium Dance  Performance

Harake Dance Company
& White Flux Productions 


Every move we make contains a number of emotions remaining incomprehensible to us unless we freeze them in time to catch their essence. Then we recognize them as the upspring of the feelings battling in our mind and we can take up the fight with these inner demons. Into their realm we enter as into a foreign city, a dehumanized place, where ghostly appearances of anger, hate, 
hysteria, denial, or numbness discharge themselves.

After producing and performing Hadra Hura in Berlin, Cologne, Tunis, Mallorca, Bahrain, Cairo, and Muscat Opium/Afioun comes second in a row of pieces where Harake Dance Company and White Flux  examines human states in the context of their actual social and cultural environment namely that of the war in Syria.
Three concerts complement the performance and introduce new tendencies within the musical dialogue between East and West.

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Video produced by White Flux Productions 2018

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