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Feature Film

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A film by Noaz Deshe 


Produced by

Arden Film GmbH - Andro Steinborn


Executive producer

White Flux Productions - Majd Hafiry & Osama Hafiry

The project began as theater workshops in a Greek refugee camp called Softex, inspired by real-life stories and documentary research.

Nasser, a teenage Palestinian-Syrian asylum seeker, and his older brother are adjusting to life in a Greek refugee camp, isolated in an industrial zone and surrounded by train yards rife with illegal activity. Nasser copes by creating sketch comedy with fellow refugees, but growing tension with his brother uncovers a traumatic event from their crossing to Greece. As the stress builds, Nasser's mind escapes reality into another world.

The film blends surrealism, comedy, and social horror, featuring a mix of natural performers and seasoned actors, most of whom were asylum seekers. The lead actor, Abdulrahman (Abode), a Palestinian-Syrian refugee, lived in a Berlin refugee camp during production.

Written by: Noaz Deshe,  Babak Jalali

Starring: Abdulrahmadn Diab, Osama Hafiry, Jalal Albaroudi, Hazem Saleh, Moutaz Alshaltouh

Casting director: Majd Hafiry, Osama Hafiry


Cinematographer: Noaz Deshe


Film editor: Felipe Guerrero, Noaz Deshe


Original film score: Thomas Moked Blum


Production designer: Marita Götz

Assistant director: Majd Hafiry, Martin Zillmann

Costume designer: Laila Bayazeed, Greta Englehardt, Gibran Macias


Animation: Rudolf Germann

Sound design: Lars Ginzel, Olver Achatz, Louise Hofmann

Co-producer: The Cup of Tea - Christophe Audeguis


TV Channel: ZDF Kleines FS


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